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Pöytä / Table / Bordet


Pekki tables are made in Finland from trees felled in Finnish yards and parks. Each table is hand-made from a single trunk without glue lines or metal parts. Pekki tables are made to order according to the availability of timber.

Every table is unique and individually numbered. Pekki tables carry a lifetime guarantee.


Wood oil
80 cm
100 – 300 cm
36 / 72 / 90 cm
The table legs are detachable

The Pekki philosophy

Pekki tables are made from trees growing in urban areas or that have to be felled for some reason. This way the material the tree has grown over a long time is not going to waste. Worked into tables, elms, oaks and ashes get a new life in urban homes. People eat and socialise around them. Pekki tables are handcrafted and the production process is designed to cause minimal damage to the environment.

The first production phase is the drying of the tree. It is also the longest phase, as each Pekki table is created at the tree’s own natural pace. Allowing a tree to dry slowly releases tensions that have been holding it upright and lets the tree relax into its new form. For the first year, the tree rests in the yard of Malmin Saha sawmill in Helsinki.  After that, it is sawn into large beams that are moved into an open shed. After a further two years, the beams are sawn open diagonally to form the table boards. These are kept in an unheated indoor space for another two years. Finally, the table parts are dried in a heated workshop for an additional year. Only then the crafting – the shaping and building of the Pekki table – starts.

Every Pekki table comes with a lifetime guarantee. This includes maintenance by the cabinetmaker after a table has been delivered to a home. A Pekki table is designed to be an object that brings joy and that is handed down from generation to generation.

Pekki x 100

Only one hundred Pekki tables will ever be made. Each Pekki table is a unique, numbered individual that shows the characteristics of the tree it was made from. Every table is also individually priced. Below you can find an up-to-date list of already delivered, reserved and still available Pekki tables. Numbers marked with a year have already been delivered. Numbers marked with a fairy have already been reserved. Numbers marked with an elf are available and can be reserved.

If you wish to have your Pekki table made from a particular tree, the felling needs to be planned well in advance together with the cabinetmaker. The tree will be photographed before its felling and making into a table. You are welcome to visit the cabinetmaker at the workshop and see for yourself how Pekki tables are made. Orders are only accepted after a personal visit.

Contact details

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